Cantilever Rack Configurator

SOLVINQ proudly presents our latest innovation: the Cantilever Rack Configurator. This advanced web application is designed to assist businesses in the industry in configuring, optimizing, and calculating cantilever racks to then generate quotes in a short time.

Our cantilever rack configurator is a powerful online tool that allows you to effortlessly design custom cantilever racks tailored to your specific needs and space requirements. Whether you work with long goods, pipes, wood, or other materials, this configurator enables you to create a storage system perfectly suited to your business operations.



Modular software architecture

Our software solutions are accessible via a secure connection, based on the Microsoft Azure architecture. Each company has its own unique characteristics and configurations. Specific customized software for companies on top of our modular architecture is therefore obvious. This specific software, custom solutions, and databases are exclusively available to the customer and are under no circumstances available or visible to other customers.

Key features

  • Easy to use: Our configurator is intuitive and easy to use. No complicated installations, our application and solver are in our Microsoft Azure environment and are easily accessible to the user via the browser.
  • Dashboard: In the dashboard, you have an overview of all projects and versions or even your KPIs. The status can be easily adjusted and/or copied per project or version.
  • Configure: Choose from a wide range of options, such as height, width, load capacity, and material types, to create a cantilever rack that perfectly fits your warehouse needs. Different rows can be configured in one project.
  • Calculate: Check the configuration with our Solver so that an optimal and safe configuration is chosen and complies with the chosen standards.
  • Visualization: The cantilever rack is schematically displayed to get an idea of ​​what the cantilever rack will look like.
  • Quote: The bill of materials follows from the chosen configuration and generates a custom quote with the push of a button.

SOLVINQ: Your partner in efficiency

At SOLVINQ, we believe in delivering solutions that optimize your business processes. Our software enables secure calculations, reduces the lead time for generating quotes, and provides engineers and constructors with more freedom for other tasks.

Contact us or request a demo and discover how SOLVINQ can be your ideal partner.

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