Quality software solutions

SOLVINQ has established itself as a progressive player focusing on optimizing and innovating software solutions in the racking & shelving industry. Our CSPQ software is unique in the industry. With our Solver, we can truly shape the Configure, Price, Quote process.

Extensive industry knowledge

Our expertise extends to extensive knowledge of the industry with associated standards and guidelines, software development, finite element methods, structural engineering, product development, and ensuring safety & quality. At SOLVINQ, we combine advanced technology with constructive intelligence to offer innovative software solutions.

Welcome to SOLVINQ – Where reliability, efficiency, and innovation come together. Our team is well versed in the complex world of safety standards.

At SOLVINQ, safety is not only a priority, it is an integral part of our professional approach.

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Expertise & services

Finite Element Solver

SOLVINQ distinguishes itself as the pioneer in Solver development and seamlessly linking our own solver and external solvers such as RFEM and RSTAB. With unparalleled expertise in finite element methods (FEM), SOLVINQ deploys innovative software solutions for accurately solving and calculating structures.

Our team of engineers combines advanced technologies and API integrations to create software solutions that enable sellers and engineers to work faster and error-free in the sales process.

Modular software development

SOLVINQ has a rich history of creating solutions that perfectly meet the needs of the industry. With a wealth of experience in developing various applications, ranging from advanced Excel applications to stand-alone software and web applications, SOLVINQ embraces the versatility of software development in all its facets.

Our expertise goes beyond conventional boundaries, with cloud software solutions that are securely accessible via a secure connection, based on the robust Microsoft Azure architecture.

Testing center

We proudly present our test center, a specialized environment designed to conduct a wide range of relevant tests. This facility allows us to verify the accuracy of calculations and obtain the correct values ​​essential for safe use in our applications.

This thorough approach not only ensures the reliability of our calculations but also strengthens our commitment to delivering safe and accurate solutions. At SOLVINQ, we rely on our test center as a key pillar in ensuring the highest standards in the industry.

Product development

At SOLVINQ, we go beyond just software development; our team of engineers provides additional expertise in optimizing systems and components. While we create high-quality software applications, our engineers use their skills to improve the efficiency and performance of systems.

This integrated approach results in solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also optimize physical components for maximum effectiveness.

Structural Engineering

At SOLVINQ, we understand that the foundation of reliable software solutions rests on a solid foundation of constructive expertise. Our team of expert engineers has broad knowledge of construction techniques, allowing us not only to quickly switch gears in the development process but also to provide proactive advice.

We are not just developers; we are builders of digital solutions based on a foundation of constructive intelligence and innovation.

Safety & quality

SOLVINQ distinguishes itself through its extensive expertise in safety, meeting strict standards and guidelines, including NEN-EN 15512. As a proud participant of NEN, we assure our customers of solutions that meet the highest safety standards.

Our team is well versed in the complex world of safety standards and is committed to realizing projects that meet the required safety requirements. Safety is not only a priority, it is an integral part of our professional approach.

Solution-oriented consultancy

SOLVINQ distinguishes itself through its short-term, solution-oriented consultancy projects, with a specific focus on software architecture. Our team thoroughly analyzes your software needs and identifies optimal solutions that align with your specific challenges.

With SOLVINQ as your consultancy partner, you can count on not only high-quality advice but also on the ability to actually implement and develop the proposed software solutions. Our focus is on delivering tangible results in short periods.

Our Team

Behind SOLVINQ stands a team of dedicated professionals with years of experience and a shared passion for technology and software development. At SOLVINQ, we are not just builders of software and systems. Our engineers and developers join forces to develop solutions that exceed expectations.

Jan Willem Frederiks

Founder / co-owner

Technical Architect

E: j.frederiks@solvinq.com
T: +31 (0)6 53 91 80 81

Marc Tangelder

Founder / co-owner

Software Architect

E: m.tangelder@solvinq.com
T: +31 (0)6 53 83 98 37

Jeroen Hermsen

Full Stack Developer &
Structural Engineer

E: j.hermsen@solvinq.com

Fabian Tuender

Azure Specialist &

E: f.tuender@solvinq.com
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