Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) at SOLVINQ

Welcome to SOLVINQ, the expert in software solutions for the storage systems industry. Our focus is on optimizing the Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) process, specifically tailored to the needs of companies involved in storage systems. Through our innovative CSPQ software, we aim to provide a seamless and efficient experience in configuring solutions, determining prices, and generating quick and accurate quotes.

CSPQ: Unique in the storage systems industry

At SOLVINQ, we distinguish ourselves with our unique approach to the CPQ process by adding the “S” of Solve to CSPQ. This S stands for Solve, distinguishing our software in the storage systems industry. We proudly present our innovative CSPQ software as the solution for streamlining the Configure, Solve, Price, Quote process. Whether it’s pallet racks, shuttle systems, cantilever racks, or other storage systems, SOLVINQ guarantees efficiency, accuracy, and speed in the quoting and sales process.

The FEM-Solver: The heart of CSPQ

Within our CSPQ software, the FEM solver forms the beating heart of the application. FEM stands for finite element method, and with it, we can calculate structures, enabling our customers to rely on accurate and reliable configurations. We can deploy our own solver, but also invoke external solvers such as RFEM and RSTAB using API integrations.

At SOLVINQ, we believe in providing more than just software solutions; we offer a total experience. With CSPQ, we enable our customers to take the CPQ process to an entirely new level, where efficiency and innovation go hand in hand. Discover the possibilities of our CSPQ software and experience how SOLVINQ sets the standard in the storage systems industry.

Protecting sensitive business information

At SOLVINQ, protecting sensitive business information is paramount. We understand the importance of confidentiality and therefore take strict measures to ensure that sensitive data does not fall into the hands of third parties. Our Microsoft Azure platform complies with the highest security standards. Additionally, our configuration shell, specifically developed for each company, is exclusively provided to the customer. This way, our customers can confidently benefit from our solutions, knowing that their business information is safe and protected.

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CSPQ Explained


Configure, the first element of CSPQ, refers to the software’s ability to customize product configurations based on the unique needs of the customer. Using Configure functionality, sales teams can build complex configurations through intuitive interfaces.

This includes selecting standards, loads, system sizes, products, options, and variables to create a custom solution that meets the specific requirements of the customer.


Within our CSPQ software, the FEM solver forms the beating heart of the application. FEM stands for finite element method, and the solver enables SOLVINQ to solve both geometric and physical non-linear problems.

This allows us to calculate configurations, ensuring our customers can rely on accurate and reliable results that comply with standards such as NEN-EN 15512 and FEM 10.2.09.


Our software not only enables accurate price calculations but also provides insight into the composition with a detailed Bill of Material (BOM). This provides a transparent view of the cost structure of your storage system, including all components and materials contributing to the final price.

Additionally, additional services such as assembly and transportation can be included in the pricing. This approach ensures you have a complete picture of the project.


In the final stage of our CSPQ process at SOLVINQ, generating quotes is central. The generated quotes can easily be converted into professional documents, such as Word quotations or PDF documents. Our goal is clear: we aim to generate quotes as quickly and detailed as possible, allowing you to respond directly to the needs of your customers.

With SOLVINQ’s CSPQ process, you can rely on an efficient workflow that not only saves time but also increases the accuracy and professionalism of your quotes. Discover how we transform the quoting process, allowing you to focus on what really matters: successfully offering high-quality storage solutions to your customers.

Our Team

Behind SOLVINQ stands a team of dedicated professionals with years of experience and a shared passion for technology and software development. At SOLVINQ, we are not just builders of software and systems. Our engineers and developers join forces to develop solutions that exceed expectations.

Jan Willem Frederiks

Founder / co-owner

Technical Architect

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Founder / co-owner

Software Architect

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Jeroen Hermsen

Full Stack Developer &
Structural Engineer


Fabian Tuender

Azure Specialist &

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